• Colors of sunny Italy
  • Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Alhambra palace, Granada, Spain
  • Ruins of St Andrews Castle, Spain
  • Aerial view beautiful old castle in galway
C I Destinations specializes in Chamber Travel. Our name says it all, after all it stands for Chamber International Destinations. Our goal is to exceed you and your traveler’s expectations by offering first class travel experiences. We work exclusively with Chambers of Commerce across the country, and recognize that quality is rendered in the details. Our staff both in the US and abroad are here to make you & your travelers’ dreams come true. Our tours are designed with your travelers in mind. We offer the perfect balance of structured informative tours and equally important leisure time. Our itineraries allow for in-depth exploration with plenty of time to relax or visit a place of special interest. Each one of our departures is fully tour managed by your own C I Destinations Escort. Our Escorts are experts and in the same breath they are there for you to enhance an already fantastic tour. They are people, who by the third day of your trip will be on your Christmas card mailing list. We are unique in that we offer you -Total Marketing Concept in Chamber Travel. We are a full service company which offers at NO COST our full marketing department. We will produce a marketing campaign for each chamber we partner with. Our campaigns include but are not limited to:
  • Full color four page brochures designed specifically for your chamber
  • Full color print ads
  • Electronic marketing campaign done in PDF and JPEG format
  • Full email campaign
  • Full color desitinational posters
  • Travel presentations conducted by our International Travel Specialist
  • Customized Videos as well as PowerPoint presentations
  • Our state side operations team handles all the behind the scene details
  • We process all payments and invoices, so you don’t have to
  • We provide you and your travelers full travel documents and additional destination information which enhances everyone’s experience.
  • We offer toll free assistance to all of our travelers. We recognize that the experience starts well before the plane takes off. Our support teams are people who strive to achieve unparalleled customer service



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